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Dance Chattanooga event entertainment

About Us


Entertainment for events chattanooga
Why we do it...
  1. Because we love to dance, and love to perform!

  2. To support area nonprofit and community organizations by providing themed entertainment for their events

  3. To share our love for dance at: parties, galas, community events...anything with a theme, we want in!


Here's how this works...

When event entertainment is scheduled, we send out an announcement to our troupe dancers with details (date, theme, dance style, proposed rehearsal schedule, number of dancers needed, organization(s) supported, etc.). If you're available and would like to do the event, you'll join us at our rehearsal space to learn choreography.


During "off" times, we occasionally get together to learn canned routines, work on muscle-memory and flexibility, or to do workshops and specialized classes. We also do occasional fun team-building activities!


Flexibility for adult dancers...

Most of us work or go to college full-time, have families and other responsibilities; therefore, performances are optional and rehearsals are usually on Saturday/Sunday afternoons. Rehearsals vary by event as well as performing troupe members' availability. It is our goal that everyone who commits to a performance is available to attend all rehearsals for that performance, therefore we do our very best to accommodate everyone's schedules. All rehearsals are recorded, as well, for those performing to practice at home or in case they need to miss a rehearsal.


  1. We always have fun!  We smile and give it our everything

  2. We are 18+ 

  3. We collaborate: all ideas are welcomed and encouraged

  4. We only do events with reputable organizations

  5. We commit 100 percent to rehearsals and performances


What it costs...

The only cost expected of the troupe is for costumes (decided upon by the troupe) and day-of-show make-up. There is no fee for rehearsal time or choreography. Troupe members are expected to attend multiple Lab Sessions and other classes offered throughout the year to maintain technique and learn choreography.


How to join the troupe...

We need to know if we're a good fit for each other! Come to one of our Lab Sessions for a brief meeting, warm-up and choreography.  


Lab Sessions are always posted on our Facebook page and on our website under the Classes section. We try to have at least one Lab Session per month.

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