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Wow your guests and amplify your event's impact with a custom performance from Dance Lab. Since 2010, Dance Lab has supported many nonprofit organizations in the Chattanooga area by providing themed entertainment at no cost to the organization. Our performances can:​

  • Signal the official start of your event

  • Entertain your guests as they arrive

  • Build or keep momentum going during a transition in the event agenda

  • Call attention to or warm up the dance floor for attendees

  • Honor or recognize an occasion, award, milestone, person


Please reach out to us via email or Facebook with questions, or to inquire about availability.


Q. What is the cost?

A. There is no cost to nonprofit organizations. 


Q. How much time does it take to prepare a custom performance?

A.  Ideally two months or more so that we can prepare the best possible performance for your event. We customize all choreography, costuming, hair, make-up, music, spacing, and other details to your event!


Q. How many dancers are available?

A. We perform in groups as small as four and as large as 12 at this time.

Q. What type of dance do you do?

A. We are experienced in a wide variety of styles and will tailor every aspect of our performance to your event. Dance Lab typically does "commercial jazz," which is the style you most often see in music videos or halftime performances. We have also created event performances in the following styles: Broadway, sock-hop/Lindy hop, Balinese, ballroom, Latin/rhythm, and lyrical.


Q. How involved can we be?

A. We are accustomed to working with event committees, organization point-persons, and communications professionals. We are very happy to attend planning meetings, provide regular updates, offer closed rehearsal viewings, share rehearsal videos, and engage with you as much or as little as you like. You can choose the music and style of performance, or let our creative director make a proposal for you. We love working with nonprofits to help create a fun and memorable experience for their events!


Q. What is the length of a typical performance?

A. Most of our performances are 2-5 minutes, depending upon the event's requirements. For events at which we engage the audience by teaching them a simple dance combination, this can take more time. Dance Lab is able to fill a 30-minute block with audience participation activities.


Q. Where can we see examples of past performances at events?

A. You can view all our performance videos via the Dance Lab YouTube channel


More questions? Please ask!

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Custom entertainment


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